[EN] Sol Sunburst – Who are the Diamond Dogs?

Posted: 28 March 2014 in English, Novel/Roman, Sol Sunburst
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According to the police, the Diamond Dogs are no less than eco-terrorists who use terror and violence to prevent humanity from its true purpose: Mars and Space. Of course from their point of view, Diamond Dogs are merely eco-activists who struggle with propaganda and controled media to deliver their message: Mother Earth is worth saving.

Nobody knows who the leader of this underground organization is, but the Inspector Kornisoff has sworn to bring him or her to justice, along with every single one of his/her followers. The influence of the Diamond Dogs took a huge importance after the events and manifestations set after the death of the last panda, therefore increasing the pression on Kornisoff and the United Kingdoms government. They have discovered the Diamond Dogs’ treat is actually not only located in the UK but spreads worldwide as their actions tend to toughen.

If the arrested members were almost exclusively animoids up until 2170, it seems that more and more of the convicted are actually pure humans. The Inspector Kornisoff is thinking of a new leader, expanding their ranks within a the weakest minds of the great nations of the United Kingdoms.

The Diamond Dogs believe a renaissance for Earth, even if the planet is on the edge of destruction. They also believe in the Gaia Hypothesis developped by James Lovelock, and that someone can re-establish the neutral balance within 5 five years.

Are they refering to Sol Sunburst ?

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