[EN] Sol Sunburst – Angela

Posted: 19 April 2014 in English, Novel/Roman, Sol Sunburst
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Angela is the main protagonist of Sol Sunburst. She’s a young woman, full of ideals, strong-willed and passionnate.

She’s a Diamond Dogs rookie who jumped into the cause because she thinks Earth is not to be abandonned, that it can still be saved. Her convictions are strongly opposed to the education she had received, and even if she’s the sister of the very famous Major Tom, she doesn’t share any of his love for space or destructive progress.

She has a cat, likes to be almost naked when she’s alone in her apartment, loves red wine mixed with magic pills and music. Especially Sol Sunburst’s.

Her father is from formely known as South America, so she bears on her beautiful face Latine origins. Her olive skin and bright blue eyes draw attention of men but she only has her eye on Sol Sunburst, the rock star.

Here is the first concept from Lys Lydia for Angela as she would appear on the cover.


After some discussions, we landed on another version that corresponds much more to the woman described in the book, physically as well as mentally (“strong” and “weak” as the same time for instance). I hope you can see the duality of her in the picture. In my opinion, she’s perfect!



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