[EN] Sol Sunburst is out

Posted: 6 May 2014 in English, Novel/Roman, Sol Sunburst
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I’m very glad to announce that Sol Sunburst is now available! 


2169. War, climate change and animal extinctions will soon overwhelm an Earth ravaged by human greed and neglect. In a last desperate attempt to save endangered species from extinction, humans combine animal genes with human DNA to create animoids – a half-human, half-animal breed.

While the rest of the world is pinning its hopes on Major Tom and his colonisation of Mars, the Diamond Dogs – an animoid eco-terrorist group – is busy trying to save the planet from imminent destruction.

Meanwhile, Sol Sunburst, a rock star whose prophetic songs and charm have turned him into a new messiah, is predicting an Apocalypse in five years. But this is all too soon for Angela, a Diamond Dogs rookie who is on a mission to transform this condemned world…

You can now purchase Sol Sunburst on Amazon (.mobi) or on Kobo (.epub)!



Let me remind you the 10 reasons you might like my novel. And for those who better like reading a piece first, the chapter 2 is available for free.

Let me also remind that Sol Sunburst actively supports the WWF.

I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me along the months (years) that led to this day. My thanks also go to the future buyers of Sol Sunburst. Don’t hesitate to share your comments afterwards.

Happy reading!

  1. Caroldoc says:

    Bought !

  2. Caroldoc says:

    Ouais, je sais. 😀

  3. […] am I talking about this initiative? Because of Sol Sunburst. If you don’t know, my sci-fi novel is based on the assumption that animal species […]

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