[EN] Atomic Girl and Me – Now in English

Posted: 18 February 2015 in English, Short Story/Nouvelle
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It wasn’t very planned but against all odds, I’ve decided to translate into English my latest short story: Atomic Girl and Me. The truth is it would have been a shame not to do so. After all, it’s about super-heros and the US market is the place to be if you writing about men and women wearing Lycra pants… So here we are!


Have you ever read a comic-book? Superman, Batman, Spideman and so on? Many people no longer see the interest in reading them as super-heroes are a reality of our world: you just jave to turn your television on to watch live the latest exploits of Atomic Girl! My editor once told me “ordinary people don’t make good stories”. He would probably change his ming if he knew what my real relationship with her is…

Atomic Girl and Me is now available in English on Amazon and Kobo for 99cts.

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