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I’ve never done any promotion or discount for Sol Sunburst. So, why not? After all, the book has been released a while ago and I wanted to try the KDP Select promoting tools, as an experiment.

So, here we are, 80% discount! No reason to not grab a copy! No reason to try it! Hurry up, the deal ends up on Monday 22nd!

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And if you don’t know what Sol Sunburst is about -> Presentation

As everyone this morning, I heard the news, via social networks. As millions of fans all over the world last week, I went to buy the vinyl copy of 26th album of one of my favorite artists. Blackstar. This brand new album, coupled with his discretion, took everyone aghast, making his departure all the most… surprising…

David Bowie went back to the stars, where he always belonged…

Normally, I don’t react on the internet to people passing away. In my mind, death is unfair, no matter the person. But as I don’t know famous singers, actors or whatever on a personal level, like family or friends, I can’t rely on the death and share my pain.

David Bowie is an all different case. Of course, I didn’t know him on a personal level, but I almost spent 3 years with him. Every day, as I was writing my novel Sol Sunburst, he was with me with his songs, pictures, music… all along. For 3 years, his work, life and songs for 1969 to 1974 as well as his character Ziggy Stardust helped me shape my own characters, Sol Sunburst, Angela, the Preacher…

5 years of his life and 15 songs forged that book. Without David Bowie and Ziggy Stardust, there wouldn’t be any Sol Sunburst…


So I guess, even if sounds a bit weird or lame, “Thank you Mr Jones” would never be more appropriate on this day…

David Bowie was litterally a source of inspiration, and no doubt he’ll always be till the end of my own life, one way or the other. It is with deep sadness that I heard of his departure, after a long, quiet fight against a cancer… My thoughts are with his family and friends, as well as with people who, like me, were moved by his music…

The multi-faced artist leave behind a discography richer than any other musician would dream of, along with movies, paintings… We took comfort in knowing that no cancer will ever take away what he left us with…

Pick a song among all he made wasn’t easy. Many will choose to share his most known. As for me, I picked The Width of a Circle… It built my 10th chapter and follows the steps of the Street Preacher, who is just another incarnation of Bowie in Sol Sunburst. While listening to Blackstar and its religious themes, in a way, I was right to think of him in this role too…

It wasn’t very planned but against all odds, I’ve decided to translate into English my latest short story: Atomic Girl and Me. The truth is it would have been a shame not to do so. After all, it’s about super-heros and the US market is the place to be if you writing about men and women wearing Lycra pants… So here we are!


Have you ever read a comic-book? Superman, Batman, Spideman and so on? Many people no longer see the interest in reading them as super-heroes are a reality of our world: you just jave to turn your television on to watch live the latest exploits of Atomic Girl! My editor once told me “ordinary people don’t make good stories”. He would probably change his ming if he knew what my real relationship with her is…

Atomic Girl and Me is now available in English on Amazon and Kobo for 99cts.

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Nothing has changed, rien n’a changé. En dépit du passage à la nouvelle année, rien n’a changé : Electrik Punk Books continue sur sa lancée et travaille d’arrache-pied pour proposer de nouveaux romans et d’autres nouvelles pour 2015 !

Nothing has changed, c’est aussi le titre du dernier album de David Bowie, commémorant ainsi l’anniversaire de son premier single. Cinquante ans ! Cinquante ans, c’est pas une paille. Issu de la génération qui a pratiquement inventé le rock, il ne reste plus grand monde et je suis persuadé que ce genre d’album anniversaire va devenir rarissime. Il suffit de regarder les années 90 ou 2000 et de vérifier quels sont les noms dont on entend encore parler…

J’adore la jaquette, au passage.

Peu importe, là n’est pas la question.

Donc, David Bowie a sorti une nouvelle compilation ! Remplie de classiques majoritairement made in 70’s, Nothing has changed est l’occasion parfaite pour les nouvelles générations de découvrir la musique du génie qui a littéralement changé la face du rock avec son avatar Ziggy Stardust. C’est également l’occasion d’écouter l’évolution de son style au travers de cinq décennies, les façons dont il a choisi de se redéfinir et redéfinir sa musique pour toujours la pousser vers l’avant. Au rayon des petites déception, d’après ce que j’ai pu voir de la track list du vinyle, les chansons ne sont pas rangées en ordre chronologique, ce qui peut nuire à cette fameuse compréhension de l’évolution du style. Sans surprise également, la version vinyle est également bien rachitique par rapport à la version CD… Bon, personnellement, je m’en fiche, je ne fais pas les compilations…

Pourquoi est-ce que j’en parle alors de cet album, si je ne vais pas l’acheter personnellement ?

Parce que pour ceux qui ne sont pas familiers de David Bowie, cet album me semble un excellent point de départ pour s’y mettre. Et pour ceux qui connaissent déjà par cœur les Let’s Dance, Ziggy Stardust, Golden years… et ne veulent pas d’une nouvelle compilation qui n’apporte qu’un seul inédit, il existe une autre façon d’écouter un album best-of de David Bowie : Sol Sunburst ! En effet, mon roman est un hommage aux années Glam du rock et s’inspire librement des textes de David Bowie de 1969 à 1974 (Space Oddity, Moonage Daydream, Lady Stardust… pour ne citer qu’eux) et de son avatar de l’époque Ziggy Stardust. Il s’agit donc d’une nouvelle façon de redécouvrir des chansons bien connus dans un contexte d’écologique anticipatif sombre.


2169. Guerres, dérèglements climatiques et extinctions animales en série vont bientôt avoir raison d’une Terre qui se meurt, consumée par l’avidité et la négligence de l’Homme. Ultime solution pour sauver une espèce qui disparaît, introduire son génome à celui de l’homme et créer ainsi un animoïde : un être mi-homme mi-animal. Alors que le reste du monde semble déjà tourné vers la colonisation de Mars emmenée par le Major Tom, un groupe éco-terroriste animoïde – les Diamond Dogs – tente de sauver la planète de sa destruction prochaine. Sol Sunburst est un rocker dont les chansons prophétiques et son charisme font rapidement de lui un véritable Messie pour la nouvelle humanité. Il prédit l’apocalypse dans cinq ans. Trop peu pour Angela, la dernière recrue des Diamond Dogs qui s’est jurée de changer ce monde condamné…

Sol Sunburst est disponible uniquement sur Amazon et Kobo, pour un prix tout petit et soutient le WWF. Et si vous demandez si vous devez dépenser vos étrennes dans cet achat, voici une liste de 10 points pour vous convaincre !

As you may or may not know, fifty years ago David Bowie released his first record. To commemorate this life achievement, a new best-of album Nothing has Changed just has been released. Fifty years, that’s impressive! From the generation that pretty much invented rock, there are not many important characters left and I’m pretty sure over the years to come, this kind of 50-year albums will be few. Pick whatever name you want from the 90’s or 00’s, and look at if they are still there now…

Love the cover by the way

Anyway, not the point. The point is David Bowie is releasing a new album! Full with classics, mostly from the 70’s, Nothing has changed is the perfect occasion for the newest generation to get to know the music of a man who litteraly changed the face of rock with his avatar Ziggy Stardust. It’s the occasion to see (well, listen to) the evolution of his own style, how he chose to redefine himself over 5 decades to push the music forward. On the downside, from what I gathered on the vinyl tracklist, songs are not sorted chronologically… maybe a choice, maybe not, those who are not familiar with the evolution of Bowie’s style, it might be surprising to jump from a genre to another.

For those who already know the drill, a best-of album is always the occasion to get back into the music whitout looking for 10 different albums to listen to a medley. But let’s face the reality: if you’re like me, you don’t need this “new album”, you already have the vinyls or CDs and you already know Let’s Dance, Ziggy Stardust, Golden years

But there is another way to “listen” to a best-of album of David Bowie! And this way, my fellow Bowie fan, is Sol Sunburst! Indeed, Sol Sunburst is a sci-fi novel loosely based on David Bowie’s songs from ’69 to ’74. A brand new way to rediscover songs you already know mixed into an original ecolo-rock story.


2169. War, climate change and animal extinctions will soon overwhelm an Earth ravaged by human greed and neglect. In a last desperate attempt to save endangered species from extinction, humans combine animal genes with human DNA to create animoids – a half-human, half-animal breed.

While the rest of the world is pinning its hopes on Major Tom and his colonisation of Mars, the Diamond Dogs – an animoid eco-terrorist group – is busy trying to save the planet from imminent destruction.

Meanwhile, Sol Sunburst, a rock star whose prophetic songs and charm have turned him into a new messiah, is predicting an Apocalypse in five years. But this is all too soon for Angela, a Diamond Dogs rookie who is on a mission to transform this condemned world…

Sol Sunburst is available only on Amazon and Kobo for very small price, and a part of the benefits will be donated to the WWF. And if you wonder whether you’ll like my novel, I made a list to present it in 10 key points. Hope to see you around…

Right now, I’m a bit fed up with Amazon which tends to change my prices from free to 0.99$ and back every once in a while.

My short store The Zone is supposed to be free, always. So if you ever find your self in the position of buying this particular short story for more than 0$, please restrain and either download it on my website or tell Amazon to change its price (again). Here below, a link to download it (PDF):



If you liked The Zone, feel free to comment and share your opinion. Take also five minutes to look at Sol Sunburst… Many thanks!

Today, October 29, the WWF decided to celebrate cats.


In fact, this operation had become a necessity beacause of dramatic figures around the tiger. In the span of less than 100 years, the tiger population has declined by 97%. 97%! This is an absolutely colossal, terrible, alarming figure that takes its full value with another number: 3200. 3200, the estimated tigers still alive. And yet, we’re quite sure it’s remotely accurate;  to be sure, they must be counted. Hence the different actions of the WWF to develop ways to count tigers in various countries (India, China, Russia …) and make sure – whatever the maddening number of tigers still alive it may remain – to double this number by 2022.

Why am I talking about this initiative? Because of Sol Sunburst. If you don’t know, my sci-fi novel is based on the assumption that animal species disappeared way too fastly and that humans began to introduce animal genes into human DNA to be exonarated from their extinction. An ultra-pessimistic vision of our future, but yet a vision that – in light of alarming figures posted daily by the WWF – takes the path of a reality. In my book, there is a tiger animoid, Mike Ronson, emblem of the total extinction of this species. So it seemed appropriate to relay today this particular action of the WWF.


Specifically, what can we do?

  • Talk about it!
  • Donate to WWF
  • Buy Sol Sunburst

Let me remind you that Sol Sunburst is committed to supporting the WWF and to annually donating a portion of its profits as donations to the WWF in order to help implement safeguard actions before it’s too late. So, buying my book (on Amazon or Kobo) is not just about reading an anticipation novel…

To learn more about the #DoubleTigers operation, I invite you to visit this WWF website (which has a link to directly make a donation). Feel free to spread the word around you, over all possible social networks, to educate as many people as possible. The ecological diversity of our planet really is at stake!

As promised last week, here is the final cover for my next (very) short story to be published: The Zone.


What do you think of it? Drop a comment for your thoughts

The Zone will be available – hopefully – by the end of the summer for free! Follow this blog or the facebook page to get the latest news about it! In the meantime, why not try Sol Sunburst novel and its eco-rock fable?

I am terribly late for my next publication, the short story called The Zone.

And given the fact it’ll be free, I’m guessing I’ll be even more late due to Amazon and its policy to check free prices like a Vogon clerc. Anyway, here is the first draft of the cover.


I planned to ask for a favor to a friend, but in the end, I’m doing the cover all by myself. Hence, more lateness. As I’m not a professional graphic designer, I have to use some tricks of my own to get what I need for the pose. My Kaneda action figure from Akira.


I hope the short story to be online by August. Stay tuned for the final cover next week! In the mean time, why not check my latest sci-fi eco-rock novel Sol Sunburst?

David Bowie  and his early work have a huge effect on my music tastes. As an hommage, each chapter of Sol Sunburst has been inspired by one of his song between 1969 and 1974.

One chapter, one song. Here is chapter 16: Ashes To Ashes

Yes, I know. This song is post-74 in Bowie’s discography, but it’s still alright and still fit the book construction. You’ll see ;).