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It wasn’t very planned but against all odds, I’ve decided to translate into English my latest short story: Atomic Girl and Me. The truth is it would have been a shame not to do so. After all, it’s about super-heros and the US market is the place to be if you writing about men and women wearing Lycra pants… So here we are!


Have you ever read a comic-book? Superman, Batman, Spideman and so on? Many people no longer see the interest in reading them as super-heroes are a reality of our world: you just jave to turn your television on to watch live the latest exploits of Atomic Girl! My editor once told me “ordinary people don’t make good stories”. He would probably change his ming if he knew what my real relationship with her is…

Atomic Girl and Me is now available in English on Amazon and Kobo for 99cts.

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As promised last week, here is the final cover for my next (very) short story to be published: The Zone.


What do you think of it? Drop a comment for your thoughts

The Zone will be available – hopefully – by the end of the summer for free! Follow this blog or the facebook page to get the latest news about it! In the meantime, why not try Sol Sunburst novel and its eco-rock fable?

I am terribly late for my next publication, the short story called The Zone.

And given the fact it’ll be free, I’m guessing I’ll be even more late due to Amazon and its policy to check free prices like a Vogon clerc. Anyway, here is the first draft of the cover.


I planned to ask for a favor to a friend, but in the end, I’m doing the cover all by myself. Hence, more lateness. As I’m not a professional graphic designer, I have to use some tricks of my own to get what I need for the pose. My Kaneda action figure from Akira.


I hope the short story to be online by August. Stay tuned for the final cover next week! In the mean time, why not check my latest sci-fi eco-rock novel Sol Sunburst?

As you might know, Sol Sunburst will be hitting the major digital platforms next Tuesday.

Being an indie author implies that you do most the marketing stuff by yourself, hoping that, somehow, you’ll grab a reader at the corner of a post, on the edge of a wittyful tweet or thanks to beautiful pictures of your ebook cover.

One of the most common things to share the love around you upcoming novel is to provide a free sample. Some piece of your text that would give a peak of what to expect. So I choose to diffuse the chapter 2 of my novel.

‘Why 2? Why not 1?’ would you ask. Mainly because this chapter 2 is actually the first one I wrote, the one that introduces the main character Angela, as well as Sol Sunburst and the actual state of the Earth in 2169. In other words, the best entry point for anyone who doesn’t know about Sol Sunburst but wishes to discover it.

Let me remind that this chapter is very loosely inspired by the song ‘Five Years’ by David Bowie.

So don’t forget, Sol Sunburst in out on May 6th! Until then, enjoy this Chapter 2!


As promised in an earlier post this week, here are some of the various steps that led to the final cover of Sol Sunburst. You can now appreciate Lys Lydia’s talent over the weeks to create it.


Clic to enlarge

I am very proud to present you the final cover of Sol Sunburst!


If you’re curious, you can compare with the first sketch. If you’re even more curious, I’ll post the work progressions of this cover later on this week.

I also use this occasion to thank the illustrator – Lys Lydia – for her kindness, her patience and her will to push the cover towards perfection!

This cover is really great, isn’t it? Don’t forget to tell what you think about it in the comments!

Angela is the main protagonist of Sol Sunburst. She’s a young woman, full of ideals, strong-willed and passionnate.

She’s a Diamond Dogs rookie who jumped into the cause because she thinks Earth is not to be abandonned, that it can still be saved. Her convictions are strongly opposed to the education she had received, and even if she’s the sister of the very famous Major Tom, she doesn’t share any of his love for space or destructive progress.

She has a cat, likes to be almost naked when she’s alone in her apartment, loves red wine mixed with magic pills and music. Especially Sol Sunburst’s.

Her father is from formely known as South America, so she bears on her beautiful face Latine origins. Her olive skin and bright blue eyes draw attention of men but she only has her eye on Sol Sunburst, the rock star.

Here is the first concept from Lys Lydia for Angela as she would appear on the cover.


After some discussions, we landed on another version that corresponds much more to the woman described in the book, physically as well as mentally (“strong” and “weak” as the same time for instance). I hope you can see the duality of her in the picture. In my opinion, she’s perfect!



As promised in a previous note, here is the very first rough sketch of Lys Lydia for the cover of Sol Sunburst.

First Sketch by Lys Lydia for Sol Sunburst Cover


Click to enlarge

Final cover will of course be a lot different, but here you have a sneak peak of the general intentions and main characters.


I’m honored and proud to announce that the illustrator in charge of creating the cover for the novel Sol Sunburst is the very talented Lys Lydia! I’m a big fan of her work, so I’m glad she’s accepted to board with me for the E.P.B. adventure.

She has perfectly understood the essence of the story and its characters and will deliver a sensitive yet visually strong art to depict the book content.

Stay tuned and someday you might find here, in a news, a sneak pic of the cover before the book is released. Until then, enjoy some illustrations of hers and see more in her portfolio.