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Today, October 29, the WWF decided to celebrate cats.


In fact, this operation had become a necessity beacause of dramatic figures around the tiger. In the span of less than 100 years, the tiger population has declined by 97%. 97%! This is an absolutely colossal, terrible, alarming figure that takes its full value with another number: 3200. 3200, the estimated tigers still alive. And yet, we’re quite sure it’s remotely accurate;  to be sure, they must be counted. Hence the different actions of the WWF to develop ways to count tigers in various countries (India, China, Russia …) and make sure – whatever the maddening number of tigers still alive it may remain – to double this number by 2022.

Why am I talking about this initiative? Because of Sol Sunburst. If you don’t know, my sci-fi novel is based on the assumption that animal species disappeared way too fastly and that humans began to introduce animal genes into human DNA to be exonarated from their extinction. An ultra-pessimistic vision of our future, but yet a vision that – in light of alarming figures posted daily by the WWF – takes the path of a reality. In my book, there is a tiger animoid, Mike Ronson, emblem of the total extinction of this species. So it seemed appropriate to relay today this particular action of the WWF.


Specifically, what can we do?

  • Talk about it!
  • Donate to WWF
  • Buy Sol Sunburst

Let me remind you that Sol Sunburst is committed to supporting the WWF and to annually donating a portion of its profits as donations to the WWF in order to help implement safeguard actions before it’s too late. So, buying my book (on Amazon or Kobo) is not just about reading an anticipation novel…

To learn more about the #DoubleTigers operation, I invite you to visit this WWF website (which has a link to directly make a donation). Feel free to spread the word around you, over all possible social networks, to educate as many people as possible. The ecological diversity of our planet really is at stake!

One of the great benefit of being an indie author is you get 7 to 10 times the royalties compared to classic edition contract (with your books on shelves). Of course, the drawback is you’ll probably sell 7 to 10 times less compared to the other case. Even if your book is made from your blood and tears and good quality. Unless you have a solid marketing plan, a lot of friends with even more friends and – let’s be honest – a bit of luck. I’ve done my best to have an interesting book, I’ll try to communicate and sell it the best I can during the next weeks until its release.

One of the reason I choose to go indie with Sol Sunburst was because with the 70% royalties on every sales: I would have a better room for manoeuver with the expected income (meaning, more manoeuver than with a classic contract). Including helping bigger causes.

As you already know if you have read the book presentation or some other articles about its contents, ecology and animal protection take a huge part in the plot and background. The book already tries to make the reader sensibilize to these causes, but as a individual I always believe that one can make a change, even with a small contribution.

Due to my personal belief, and because it seems the right thing to do regarding Sol Sunburst and the actual state of the planet, I have decided that a small percentage of the revenues I would make on Sol Sunburst would be donate to the WWF.

Fichier:WWF logo.svg

I will be able to do so once the various investments I’ve done to self-published this ebook will have been refunded (like the English translation), which will happen at some point between 1000 and 1500 sold copies. After that, anyone who would buy Sol Sunburst will contribute to the annual donations I will make to the WWF. It may be only 10 €, but it still be something for protecting pandas and tigers. Of course, I hope word will spread and that in December I can announce on this blog much much bigger donation to the WWF, thanks to the sales of Sol Sunburst!

So don’t forget, Sol Sunburst is out on the 6th May! It may not change the world, but as a Diamond Dogs member would say: “it’s worth trying to”