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  1. Do like science fiction novels, especially anticipation and dystopia?
  2. Do you like stories with a vivid background echoing our own world?
  3. Do you like charismatic characters?
  4. Do you like stories with a dash of romance?
  5. Do you like animals? Especially felines like lions and tigers?
  6. Do you like David Bowie and his songs?
  7. Do you like glam rock, the 70’s and their key-figures such as Ziggy Stardust, Iggy Pop, Marc Bolan?
  8. Do you have some kind of ecological penchant?
  9. Do you like books when once you’re done you say “whaaaaaat?” then all the book comes in flashback and you say “wow”?
  10. Do you like at least one of these movies?


If you say “yes” to at least one of these 10 questions, you will definitely like my novel soon to be published, Sol Sunburst!

So don’t forget to take a note in your agenda: it’s released on the 6th of May 2014!

Sol Sunburst is a dystopian rock ‘n ‘ roll anticipation, a tragic romance and an ecological fable in the twilight of the human race.

The summary is available on this page.

The novel is a tribute to the Glam rock era (70’s) and is loosely based on David Bowie’s songs from 1969 to 1974 ( “Space Oddity”, “Moonage Daydream”, “Lady Stardust”, etc.) and his Ziggy Stardust avatar. Many allusions to his life have been so introduced in the text (his friend Iggy Pop, his wife Angela , his home in Beckenham and so on…) .

Like any Philip K. Dick’s novel, Sol Sunburst is primarily focused on how the reality can be perceived and on the notion of duality. The text encourages the reader to make his own idea of reality in the described reality : Who really are Sol Sunburst, Angela, Stooges or Major Tom? Sprinkled with references to drugs, this sub-theme and how they can alter reality (perception, elliptical blackout…) reinforce this main intention.

The second major theme is the ecology. Noting that the human race is a victim of its own growth and narcissistic development, the novel places the humankind in the medium term perspectives to be expected: chain extinctions of animal species and climatic changes but also genetic manipulations, totalitarian states, media manipulation… and the end of mankind.

If the universe depicted in Sol Sunburst is deliberately pessimistic, it has the same duality that we experience now: due to the choices to be made today, the humankind (represented by the protagonist ) is the unique hope of its own destruction. My novel has no will to denounce or moralize but to give pause to think by pushing our current environmental questions towards their darkest answers.