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Let’s do the official kick off for Electrik Punk Books by announcing some of the incoming projects!

Right now, I am commited to deliver within the next 3 months 3 different projects (pretty much in this order):

  • Le Tabouret: a humorous romantic short story. I’m sorry for any English readers but unless I find a nice and free translator (or unless I do it myself, but I don’t have that many free time), this one will only be available in French. It will free. (Yes, free!)
  • Friend Zone: another short story, more bitter-sweet, still about romance but with a dash of fantastic. This one will be available in English and French. It will be also free. (Yes, again!)
  • Sol Sunburst: a anticipation novel, with romance and rock ‘n’ roll in it. Same as Friend Zone, it will be in English and French.

As you might already know, EPB will only produce ebooks and only via specific online digital platforms (the major ones like Amazon). Yes, the punk doesn’t want to kill any more trees!

I’m currently working hard to deliver you the best quality products I can, including top-notch illustrations! Well, let’s say talented people are working hard on the illustrations and I’m working on other stuff.

I will have many announcements to make over the coming weeks, so stay in touch with EPB by subscribing to the blog, liking the Facebook page or following me on Twitter. Don’t forget to share with your friends, family and prefect strangers too!