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As you might know, Sol Sunburst will be hitting the major digital platforms next Tuesday.

Being an indie author implies that you do most the marketing stuff by yourself, hoping that, somehow, you’ll grab a reader at the corner of a post, on the edge of a wittyful tweet or thanks to beautiful pictures of your ebook cover.

One of the most common things to share the love around you upcoming novel is to provide a free sample. Some piece of your text that would give a peak of what to expect. So I choose to diffuse the chapter 2 of my novel.

‘Why 2? Why not 1?’ would you ask. Mainly because this chapter 2 is actually the first one I wrote, the one that introduces the main character Angela, as well as Sol Sunburst and the actual state of the Earth in 2169. In other words, the best entry point for anyone who doesn’t know about Sol Sunburst but wishes to discover it.

Let me remind that this chapter is very loosely inspired by the song ‘Five Years’ by David Bowie.

So don’t forget, Sol Sunburst in out on May 6th! Until then, enjoy this Chapter 2!