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According to the police, the Diamond Dogs are no less than eco-terrorists who use terror and violence to prevent humanity from its true purpose: Mars and Space. Of course from their point of view, Diamond Dogs are merely eco-activists who struggle with propaganda and controled media to deliver their message: Mother Earth is worth saving.

Nobody knows who the leader of this underground organization is, but the Inspector Kornisoff has sworn to bring him or her to justice, along with every single one of his/her followers. The influence of the Diamond Dogs took a huge importance after the events and manifestations set after the death of the last panda, therefore increasing the pression on Kornisoff and the United Kingdoms government. They have discovered the Diamond Dogs’ treat is actually not only located in the UK but spreads worldwide as their actions tend to toughen.

If the arrested members were almost exclusively animoids up until 2170, it seems that more and more of the convicted are actually pure humans. The Inspector Kornisoff is thinking of a new leader, expanding their ranks within a the weakest minds of the great nations of the United Kingdoms.

The Diamond Dogs believe a renaissance for Earth, even if the planet is on the edge of destruction. They also believe in the Gaia Hypothesis developped by James Lovelock, and that someone can re-establish the neutral balance within 5 five years.

Are they refering to Sol Sunburst ?

After WWIII, the world was left consumed and countries scattered. Wild life found inhospitable lands to live in and remaining species couldn’t survived in the environment they used to. To take a common analogy to the world we’re currently living in, just imagine a polar bear with no ice floe to walk on (which is already pretty much the case…).

As there would be no use in cloning species that could not survive on a post-WWIII Earth, scientists tried to merge genes of disappearing animals into human DNA. As it was the only way to prevent  their genomes from total disappearance, in hope of finding another planet that, one day, could allow proper cloning of the animal DNA from animoid.

After years of experiences, failures, public outcries, the first animoid was born healthy, survived and lived almost like a real human. The year was 2031. Half-human, half-gorilla, this animoid – ironically named Kong – was no more than a lab rat and outlived only 32 years. Many more breeds from other species were created, refined up until the point the Homo Animalis became the intellectual equivalent of the Homo Sapiens and could live almost normally into society.

In 2099, the United Kingdoms Governement was the first one to recognize animoids as civilians and granted them – against public opinion – the same civil rights as any other humans. Many other countries did the same shortly after. By 2120, sustained by fertility programs, the animoids reached nearly 30% of the global population. An animoid benefits from the animal DNA by getting stronger senses or muscles. They can mate with pure human or other animoids, even from different species, and have babies either animoids or humans.

Until recently, only terrestrial mammals could be saved after their extinction. A breaktrought in 2173 allowed to create the first human/cetacean animoid. Scientifits are still looking for a way to merge insect DNA into humans…

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This could be a representation of an animoid. (Yes it’s Ajani from Magic The Gathering, but you get the idea)

This could be an animoid from early stages of researches when scientists struggled with DNA sequences, this shape does not happen anymore.

This is NOT an animoid!